SURET has a capital of more than 32 years’ experience, the versatility of which gives it a competitive edge and its clients the comfort of safe and efficient cooperation. Businesses entrust SURET with sensitive production areas and installation of high-cost technologies, confident of the outcome of the job at optimum cost. Successful cooperation builds trust in SURET, and the proof is that we have been working with several recurring clients continuously for 20 years.

For U.S. investors and contractors installing production facilities in Europe or Ukraine, SURET is a perfect partner – it understands the specifics of the local markets, has the technical and human resources and its operations are in an ideal location: Central Europe, close to the eastern border of the European Union.


ISO 9001:2015

as a common goal of action.


SURET was established in 1992 and since its origins, it has focused on specialised services for manufacturing companies. In the first few years of operations, SURET focused on internal logistics and forklift truck services, followed by an expansion of the portfolio to include relocation and installation of production lines, mainly for the automotive sector.

Today, SURET is a portfolio company of THC, a leading private equity fund in Central Europe that focuses on the growing SME sector in Poland. The fund provides SURET with stability and a consistently pursued growth strategy.

SURET’s place in the market is defined by:

  • A global client portfolio
  • More than 32 years of experience in the market
  • Stability backed by a private equity fund


The core of SURET’s 650-strong team includes more than 100 design engineers, mechanical engineers, automation engineers, electricians and fitters, plus 470 forklift operators, warehouse workers, production floor operators and mobile teams of mechanical engineers, automation engineers, and electricians. In carrying out projects for various industries, the staff gains unique experience, constantly improved by specialised training and instruction. They are SURET’s capital and a guarantee of its growth.

SURET are people for special assignments. That is why SURET combines their professional development with attention to their safety at work on the job. Here, SURET accepts no compromise. The SURET team can be defined by two buzzwords:

  • Operators ready for the job from tomorrow
  • Specialists in relocation to the end of the world.

To work with SURET is to benefit from its experience. For less risk and comfort.

Means of transport is the domain of SURET.
The customer can focus on core business.


SURET can handle assigned areas or tasks at the client’s site with its own fleet of 350 forklift trucks, dedicated relocation equipment and extensive peripheral accessories. This fully secures the transport needs of the tasks undertaken, regardless of their technical specifications, scope or scale.

The added value of the SURET resources is a mobile technical service that ensures uninterrupted availability of operational equipment. SURET’s technical resources are driven by two factors:

  • The potential from cooperation with Clark, a global brand (forklift trucks)
  • Equipment availability and in-house technical service.


SURET effectively reduces the environmental burden of its operations at the client’s. Conversion of forklift propulsion from ICE to electric motors, lean management-based optimisation of logistical models, and innovative waste management are just a few examples. The attitude towards the environment is determined by the sustainability mentality of the SURET team. This is appreciated by increasingly aware clients who include SURET as a supplier in their own ESG programs.


Almost every area in a production facility has the potential for efficiency improvement. SURET helps clients identify and tap into it.

Very experienced, committed and flexible, SURET wants to be a reliable partner for its clients, ensuring the stability of entrusted processes and tasks. SURET wants to be the strongest link in the chain of service providers for the client’s business.


Graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. He has 11 years of experience as a project manager in sales and management of transfers, as well as relocation and installation projects for manufacturing industries worldwide. As a manager, he focuses on result-based motivation and management.

Łukasz Kurowski

Vice-President CEO
Director of Relocations

Graduate of the School of Business at the National Luis University. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industrial services market, gained in the USA, among others. He values teamwork, but also individualism in his co-workers, expressed through bold personality and creativity. He enjoys listening to others.

Sebastian M. Gawron

President CEO

Having graduated from the Kraków University of Technology, he joined the Goodyear brand and worked at the Dębica Tyre Company in different capacities, including the Production Department Manager. His speciality is the optimisation of production processes and efficiency. He has more than 8 years of experience in management functions. He is passionate about new technologies in process monitoring and other areas of Industry 4.0.

Piotr Wierzbicki

Director of Logistics



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