Where to invest in Ukraine?

Directions and areas of potential investment projects. Domestic and in the west. Just look at the map to see that the war is decisive to the rationale behind the choice of locations for future industrial investment projects in Ukraine.


Today, such a decisive factor is the war itself, with its entire burden of tragedy, destruction of infrastructure, inaccessibility, or even direct threats to life and property. Tomorrow, when the expected time of peace is secured, there will be spurs of a different kind – a map of needs, reconstruction priorities identified by the Ukrainian government, the stage of reconstruction of utility networks and roads, and access to workforce. All things considered, this division between now and ‘the first day after the war’ is not so precise. War, in addition to the humanitarian disaster, brings with it a huge logistical and economic tsunami, and the drivers are mixed, working against the known rules and logic of the market. Moving on to the investment map of Ukraine, it is worth noting that 800 businesses have been relocated from regions within the reach of armed conflict since the start of the war, thanks to state support. Today, 623 companies are already operating in new locations. Suitable locations and means of transport are sought now for a further 239 of companies. More than 650 companies that had planned to move their production facilities ultimately refused to relocate because of the liberation of the territories in which they are located. Moreover, some companies are now returning to their original sites due to the improvement of domestic security, in particular in the Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts,” the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Economy stated. The Transcarpathian, Lviv and Chernivtsi oblasts are the most popular destinations for company relocation, but businesses are //URWANO// This means that the number of relocated companies on the scale of even one oblast is negligible today.

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The expansions of two Lviv industrial parks began this year alone. One of these appears to be of particular interest to European manufacturers…


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