SURET’s designers are experts in technology, electrical and electromechanical engineering, automation, industrial structures, construction and more. They focus on the efficiency of each task – the production line being relocated is expected to perform as well – or even better – at the destination than in its last location.

For new plant installation projects, SURET can help to reduce risks, identify sensitive process locations and fit precisely into the overall project schedule.


  • Technical, construction and interface design packages for:
    – Installation of new production lines
    – Relocation of equipment to a new site
  • Upgrade design plans for relocated plant
  • Design supervision services for machine installation and relocation
  • Equipment acceptance and approval documents
  • Engineering surveys and commissioning tests.

SURET’s engineering projects are guided by process efficiency and safety, and these stem from the scope of optimisation delivered. Optimisation is the key to the solutions offered by SURET, a source of savings for the client’s business and a lower burden on the environment.

SURET provides development and official approvals for the full range of paperwork required for the processing line to be commissioned for production. These include:

  • CE or relevant Machinery Directive certificates
  • Acceptance reports (for utilities)
  • Electrical testing reports
  • Product tests (trial runs).

SURET develops engineering projects based on more than 30 years of interdisciplinary experience to select the optimal solution. This tends to reduce costs and implementation risks. The client stays within budget and gains confidence in the job.

Contact SURET engineers and find out how they work on optimal solutions.


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