SURET’s designers are experts in technology, electrical and electromechanical engineering, automation, industrial structures, construction and more. They focus on the efficiency of each task – the production line being relocated is expected to perform as well – or even better – at the destination than in its last location.

For new plant installation projects, SURET can help to reduce risks, identify sensitive process locations and fit precisely into the overall project schedule.


  • Technical, construction and interface design packages for:
    – Installation of new production lines
    – Relocation of equipment to a new site
  • Upgrade design plans for relocated plant
  • Design supervision services for machine installation and relocation
  • Equipment acceptance and approval documents
  • Engineering surveys and commissioning tests.

SURET’s engineering projects are guided by process efficiency and safety, and these stem from the scope of optimisation delivered. Optimisation is the key to the solutions offered by SURET, a source of savings for the client’s business and a lower burden on the environment.

SURET provides development and official approvals for the full range of paperwork required for the processing line to be commissioned for production. These include:

  • CE or relevant Machinery Directive certificates
  • Acceptance reports (for utilities)
  • Electrical testing reports
  • Product tests (trial runs).

SURET develops engineering projects based on more than 30 years of interdisciplinary experience to select the optimal solution. This tends to reduce costs and implementation risks. The client stays within budget and gains confidence in the job.

Engineering at the highest level with SURET

SURET is an excellent source of advanced engineering solutions, providing comprehensive support in the areas of technology, electricity, electromechanics, automation, industrial structures and construction. Our many years of experience and specialist knowledge allow us to provide services at the highest level, focusing on efficiency, safety and process optimization.

Engineering: individual engineering projects

Our engineering offer includes comprehensive technical, construction and connection projects. We specialize in the installation of new production lines and relocation of equipment, striving to ensure that the relocated installations will operate as efficiently or even better than in the previous location. Up-grade projects for relocated installations, engineering supervision, documentation of acceptance and approval of devices, technical measurements and commissioning tests constitute an important part of our offer.

Engineering supervision: ensuring safety and efficiency

The team of engineers at SURET specializes in providing comprehensive engineering supervision of machine assembly and relocation. We operate in accordance with the highest standards, focusing on process safety and efficiency optimization. Engineering supervision includes the identification of sensitive process areas and precise adjustment to the investment schedule, providing clients with full support in achieving their goals.

Process optimization: the key to effectiveness

Optimization is the foundation of our activities. Through an optimization-based approach, we propose solutions that not only generate financial savings for customers, but also protect the environment. Our many years of experience in the field of engineering and comprehensive knowledge allow us to minimize costs and reduce the risk of project implementation, giving clients confidence that tasks will be completed on schedule and on budget.

Engineering supervision at every stage of the project

SURET offers comprehensive support as part of engineering services, including: developing and obtaining the necessary approvals and documents before launching production lines. We provide, among others, compliance with the Machinery Directive, acceptance protocols, electrical measurements, product tests and much more. Our activities are based on over 30 years of experience, which allows us to select the most optimal solutions, reducing costs and risks for our clients.

Contact SURET engineers and find out how they work on optimal solutions.


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