SURET can take part in the construction of a new plant as early as the process design and work planning stage to fit precisely into the project implementation schedule. Once the project is up and running, SURET can operate continuously, being independent as it has its own equipment and personnel with a wide range of specialisations (fitters, mechanical engineers, automation engineers, electricians, electromechanical engineers, etc.).

SURET is flexible when assumptions or plans need to be revised, ready for modifications in the course of project implementation, but uncompromising wherever there are risks to feasibility, property or health. SURET is guided by the experience of more than 550 completed relocation and installation projects.


  • Verification of the job and site conditions
  • Preparation of utility connections
  • Transfer and placement of components on the shop floor
  • Installation, testing and acceptance
  • Development of commissioning records
SURET’s portfolio is also aimed at companies in the U.S. market that are building plants in Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other parts of Asia. SURET knows the specifics of the markets; it understands how to break down barriers and the formalities required. For the owner, it means security of the project and comfort. → OVERSEAS

The end-to-end delivery of installation projects is a decisive advantage for SURET. The client does not need to coordinate work package scopes or divide responsibilities between several contractors. Working with a one-stop contractor like SURET gives the client the comfort of easy and transparent communication.

Assembly of production lines and industrial machines – effective solutions for your busines

In today’s dynamic business environment, production efficiency plays a key role in achieving success. SURET, with passion and commitment, offers comprehensive services in the field of installation of new production lines, assembly of machines and industrial equipment. Our expertise allows us to effectively adapt to the latest trends in the industry, providing customers with innovative and high-quality solutions.

Assembly of production lines

SURET specializes in professional assembly of production lines, adapting them to the individual needs of each client. Our engineering teams have extensive experience in installing a variety of production lines, from simple to more advanced and automated. We operate efficiently, shortening production start-up time and minimizing downtime.

Installation of machines and devices

Our company offers comprehensive machinery and equipment assembly services, ensuring precise operation and compliance with standards. A team of experienced technicians guarantees efficient integration of machines with the existing production infrastructure. SURET engages in every project, striving to understand the client’s unique requirements and provide solutions that will speed up production processes.

Installation of industrial machines and equipment

Our offer also includes the assembly of industrial machines and equipment, which are a key element of effective production. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and attention to detail, SURET ensures not only functionality, but also durability of the installed machines and devices.

Choose experience and professionalism in the assembly of production lines

SURET boasts many years of experience in the industry, which translates into high quality of services provided, including: assembly of production lines and assembly of machines and devices. Our engineering teams are properly trained and have the necessary knowledge to cope with even the most demanding projects.

An individual approach to the production line assembly project

We understand that each client has unique needs and expectations. Therefore, our approach is based on individual analysis and adaptation of solutions to specific production conditions.

Timely completion of assembly of machines and devices

SURET realizes the crucial importance of time in the business world. Therefore, we guarantee timely implementation of projects, minimizing downtime and allowing customers to quickly enjoy the new production infrastructure.

Assembly of production lines, assembly of machines, assembly of industrial machines and equipment

SURET is a partner that not only performs commissioned work, but is committed to the development of its clients. Our company is ready to meet even the greatest challenges in the field of installation of new production lines and assembly of industrial machines and devices. By choosing SURET, you invest in the efficiency and future of your company. Contact us to discuss details and start cooperation today!

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