SURET can perform a comprehensive relocation of a factory or production line from the USA to Europe or Asia.
It will prepare equipment for sea and road freight, adapt the utilities at the destination in accordance with local standards, comply with technical specifications and install the infrastructure on site. It will also take care of the formal handling of the commissioning process – CE declarations, Machinery Directive compliance
and other certifications.

For U.S. investors and contractors installing production facilities in Europe or Ukraine, SURET can be a convenient partner – it knows the specifics of the local markets, has the technical and human resources, and its operations are in a perfect location: Central Europe, close to the eastern border of the European Union.


  • On-site dismantling by a mobile team
  • Dedicated sea transport packaging
  • Multimodal transport
  • Adaptation of utilities at the destination
  • Commissioned equipment records
  • Technical and client’s engineer supervision
  • Comprehensive insurance package

SURET takes responsibility for the technical condition of the entrusted property throughout the transfer. For transport by sea, this means that SURET uses:

  • Special packaging technology and materials
  • An adequate system for strapping cargo on pallets
  • Installation of shock sensors
  • Application of desiccants.

Markets vary, as do the laws that govern them. It is essential to know their specifics in order to carry out a relocation or installation project efficiently and to stay on schedule. With extensive experience throughout Europe and Asia, SURET undertakes the formal requirements for the approval of plant for production operations. A project owner operating in the U.S. market can have SURET handle all the paperwork, allowing them to concentrate solely on launching production.

Relocating or installing a factory in Europe or Asia? Looking for a local partner/contractor? Contact SURET and find out more about our ocean transfers.


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