SURET has the practice, the necessary tools, the expertise and the safety measures to ensure that every project is completed end to end. This includes the relocation of machines and equipment within the factory, as well as the transport of machinery and the relocation of production lines and entire industrial plants in different countries.

The Relocation team has more than 100 design engineers, mechanical engineers, automation experts, electricians and fitters. For 32 years it has been carrying out projects for renowned global manufacturers, including General Electric, Bosch, Pilkington Group, Pepsico, Michelin, Danfoss, and Velux. SURET has practice in relocation of factories from Malaysia to Europe, from the USA to China, and from Finland to Turkey, combining 3 modes of transport – road, sea and air – into a precise plan. SURET has more than 550 completed relocation projects to his credit.

The SURET team excels in its ability to plan and execute the relocation of the plant in a production campaign. SURET has done this repeatedly. Such a task requires knowledge, resources, a timetable, discipline and commitment on the part of the team, and trust on the part of the client.


  • !verification of the task and conditions at the site of origin and destination
  • Preparation of utility connections at the destination
  • Dismantling and packaging of equipment
  • Transfer of cargo from the origin to the destination
  • Transfer and placement of components on the shop floor
  • Installation, testing and acceptance
  • Development of commissioning records

Each relocation project has its own specifics and often special requirements.
The 550 projects completed by SURET included:

  • Transfer of oversize / sensitive / heavy loads
  • In-production campaign relocation projects
  • Full adaptation of the new utilities
  • Post-relocation production line upgrading (optimisation).

The end-to-end nature of SURET’s portfolio is based on the extensive execution capabilities, backed by proprietary pool of equipment and an experienced team of 100 people.

A fleet of specialised vehicles and equipment gives the comfort of planning the kind of tasks that the client and the situation expect. See the example opposite: non-invasive, safe transfer of a 30-ton load without ever touching the ground and managed by 3 operators.

SURET also has standard equipment, including:

  • Power jacks
  • Transfer roller sets
  • Scissor lifts and boom MEWPs
  • Forklift trucks
  • Mobile cranes
  • Low headroom mobile cranes
  • Mobile gantry cranes

The SURET team has proven itself in the most demanding ‘testing grounds’ – in the automotive, food, aerospace and electronics industries. SURET has relocated machines under strict standards, to strict schedules and sometimes far from its equipment camp. SURET has successfully evaded risks each time by knowing the risk map in the relocation process.

Contact SURET and ask where the key risks are located during relocation. That is how you will avoid them. Here you will find our handbook of safe relocation.


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