SURET has a large team of forklift operators, warehouse workers and production floor operators. They can back the client’s staff at short notice and their number can be flexibly adjusted according to current needs. This will reduce outsourcing costs, which will be closely linked to production output levels. SURET’s workforce outsourcing means quick access to trained and instructed employees whose onboarding will take a minimum of time and commitment from the client.


  • Production machine operation
  • Low-skill assembly work
  • Segregation and quality control
  • Unit packaging, labelling and bulk packaging
  • Warehouse operations
  • Load handling
  • Forklift operation
  • Housekeeping and container cleaning

SURET is also employees with qualifications and specialist experience, like mechanical engineers, fitters, welders, painters and insulation installers. They can operate on a task-based or continuous basis and their number can be modified by the client on an ongoing basis, thus reducing operating costs.

Workforce outsourcing is an optimum strategy for a business to expand its workforce and boost its potential without increasing the fixed costs. Benefits for the client’s business:

  • Access to human resources on the job market
  • Flexible contract terms – variable number of employees
  • Transparent billing – hourly rates
  • Savings on recruitment and onboarding.

The secondment portfolio of SURET also includes employees from overseas markets, including Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia and more distant countries in Asia, as well as Turkey. Workforce teams are provided with full formal services, a language tutor/interpreter, as well as HR and payroll settlements from SURET.

Employee leasing – flexible HR solutions SURET

SURET offers comprehensive employee outsourcing services, enabling companies to flexibly manage human resources. Our offer is based on providing qualified and experienced employees, ready to strengthen teams in various industries and fields of activity.

Employee leasing, i.e. a team tailored to your needs

Employee outsourcing is an ideal solution for companies that want to adapt their staff to changing market conditions. With SURET services, you can quickly increase or decrease the number of employees in accordance with current business needs. Without the need for permanent employment, you gain staffing flexibility, which allows you to effectively respond to seasonal changes, increases in production or changes in labor demand.

Professionalism and high quality of services thanks to employee outsourcing

Our employees are carefully selected and have the necessary skills and experience in various areas. From operating machines and production lines, through warehouse work, to specialized tasks – SURET provides employees ready for immediate involvement. We are proud of our ability to provide high-quality services, which translates into effectiveness and efficiency in operation.

Employee leasing – saving time and resources

Outsourcing SURET employees eliminates the need to conduct recruitment processes and training. Thanks to this, your company can focus on the development of strategic business aspects, saving time and resources. Our attractive terms of cooperation, transparent settlement form and professional approach allow you to focus on important aspects of running your business.

Employee leasing – what is it?

Employee outsourcing is a business strategy that involves delegating employee tasks and functions to external entities or companies specializing in providing employee services. This is an effective way to acquire qualified employees who help in various areas of activity, such as production, logistics or warehouse work. This practice allows companies to focus on key areas of activity, reduce recruitment costs and flexibly adapt human resources to the changing needs of the company. Employee outsourcing also provides quick access to specialists who have the necessary skills and experience, which contributes to the increase in the efficiency of the organization.

Benefits of employee leasing for companies

Employee outsourcing is an extremely beneficial strategy for enterprises, enabling effective management of human resources in the company. This is not only a way to reduce operating costs, but also to gain access to highly qualified specialists who can bring valuable skills to various areas of the business. First of all, employee outsourcing allows companies to flexibly adapt to changing business needs. The ability to quickly increase or decrease the number of employees allows you to maintain operational liquidity in a dynamic market environment. By delegating tasks to external partners, companies can focus on key business processes, which helps improve efficiency and focus on strategic aspects of the business. Additionally, employee outsourcing eliminates the need to incur costs related to recruitment, training or employee benefits, which significantly saves the company’s time and resources. The use of external specialists’ services also allows for increased competitiveness through better use of specialized knowledge and skills available on the market. This approach not only optimizes operational expenses, but also promotes growth and achievement of business goals. Employee outsourcing is becoming an integral part of the development strategy of many companies, providing them with the opportunity to use external resources to achieve success on the market.

When is it worth choosing employee leasing?

When deciding to outsource employees, the key factor is the situation in which the company needs staff flexibility. When there are seasonal changes in production or services, outsourcing employees allows you to quickly adapt the number of employees to current needs, eliminating the need to maintain constant employment during periods of lower demand. Moreover, when a company aims to save time and resources, outsourcing allows you to avoid the recruitment process and employee training, which allows you to focus on key aspects of your business. Companies that seek to benefit from the specialized skills of experts in various fields may also find added value in outsourcing. It is also an ideal solution when there is a need to optimize operating costs by delegating specific tasks to external specialists, while increasing the efficiency and quality of services offered by the company.
If you are looking for flexible HR solutions that will provide you with competent staff without having to engage in recruitment and training processes, SURET is your right partner. Contact us to learn more about our employee outsourcing offer, tailored to the needs of your business.

Your company operates/operates in a difficult labour market and you need staffing support? Order dynamics require a larger crew? Check out SURET's employee leasing offer.


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